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Stork In Come Christmas Ornament

  • $ 7900

The stork is a national treasure in Poland.  They have a flyway between Poland and Egypt where they winter.  They can be seen dotting the Polish country side with large round nests, sometimes on a pole. A very large an unique bird, which commands a very unique an detailed ornament. 

Marek Morawski the lead ornament artist at P.W. Wiktoria in Łódz, Poland and original designer of the most famous Christmas ornaments in the world. Morawski perfects these timeless treasures using the centuries old methods of traditional glass blowing that Poland is famous for. His imagination is unparalleled. Every handmade ornament is glass blown and hand painted with amazing detail.

· 6.25"H X 3.25"W

· Glass blown

· Handmade and painted in Poland.

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