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Handmade Ceramic Bear Figurine

  • $ 6500

When I chose the pattern that I wanted them to paint on this bear, I wanted something that kept the white of the bear intact.  I think that accent of the flowers is so cute!  I hope you do too.  I have mine displayed on my kitchen counter and I let him hold my ring while I am doing the dishes. My finger is a size 5 and any smaller and it wouldn't fit on his paw though.  He was't designed for this, but it works!  He can't just be cute, I have to put him to work. 


* 4.7"H X 3.5"W X 3.9"L

In Poland there is a town called "Miasto Ceramiki" or Village of Ceramics. The town is Boleslawiec. For centuries they have created unique pottery made from the clay native to the region. The clay is fired to 1300 degrees Celsius. The pottery is painted and glazed stone ware that is fit for everyday use. This pottery can be microwaved, and heated. It is dishwasher safe, and does not easily chip, making it the most elegant durable sensible dish -ware on the planet​!


When I began my collection, I started with a few pieces that I thought would match my decor. When I found my pattern, I then began to add to my collection one piece at a time, until I have built up an entire kitchen of the pattern that I have chosen. It took quite a few trips back home to acquire my set, and I am still adding to it today. Expanding to my bathrooms and so on. I tend to follow a particular artist named Jolanta Okraska. However this is my taste, and there are many artisans to view, and they are all very good. 

The artisans that are regarded as highly accomplished, earn the right to create "Unikat" pieces. These are truly amazing, and because of their uniqueness, the amount of hand painting vs hand stamping, and the variety of colors used. 


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