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Alexandrite Crystal Liquor Decanter 24% Lead Crystal

  • $ 28500

Alexandrite is the gem that represents June. This gem starts out as green, but when exposed to sunlight can turn to a plum color.

(My Husband is a Jeweler)

That's whey I chose to name this decanter color as I have.

Don't forget to check out the matching wine glasses for this Decanter:)

Use this decanter for serving your guests, and as a display in-between. You'll be pleased you have it as an addition to your decor!

1L - 17" Hight and 5" Wide

* Hand Made Hand Carved

* Bohemian Crystal

* Made by Julia Crystal in Poland

* 24% lead


    Julia Crystal is located in Southern Poland in the Bohemia Silesia area.  Blessed with an abundance of the necessary raw materials, including a clear, fresh mountain spring, the area developed an assemblage of gifted artisans-- the "Julia Family."

I  Proudly bring you what many consider to be the finest crystal in the world. Julia (prounounced "Yooleeah"), located in Piechowice which is in the southwest mountainious region of Poland. Julia has a long tradition of perfecting this art.   The finest silica mixed with 24% lead. Lead is used so that the crystal can be carved, and polished. Lead keeps it from chipping in this process. Many reccommend that lead crystal only be used for serving not storing liquid.  It has never cause a problem for me or my family going back centuries however.


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