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Kasia's Stories

From Poland with Love.

I moved to the United States during turbulent times in Poland and have now resided in the U.S. for nearly 25 years. Like Chopin, who left his beloved Poland, but whose heart was brought home, the love of my Polish homeland and culture has always remained in my heart.  Since all my family still resides there, I often return for extended periods of time,and have been collecting these Polish treasures throughout the years. Friends in the United States have often expressed their interest in these beautiful and unique pieces and many began to ask me to bring them back to America for them. Thus began the seed of our business.

My close relationship with the artisans and the companies they create for is paramount in my passion to bring these treasures to America.

Every peice is handmade by people who are making a living for themselves, and their families, while pulling themselves up from the ashes of totalitarianism and communism. Bringing these products to an American market allows me to help them provide for their families and build a better life.

In many cases these artisans are doing the same craft that their grandfathers, and great-grandfathers have done. Their villages are built around their craft. They are highly talented, and love what they do.

My husband Thomas and I invite you to explore the variety of talent that these artisans bring for you to admire, enjoy, and use! It is my hope that when you see their work, you will love what they do too!      

Kasia and Thomas.                                                               giftsbykasiapotterycrystal



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