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Polish Hot Beer for the Holidays

Posted by Kasia Faini on

Once again we find another season upon us.  The leaves have fallen, the weather has become colder.  Yes it's that time again.  I mean, time for Polish Hot beer.  During this time of the year, we like to take our web site on the road.  That is, to visit certain shows.  Every time we do this, we like to offer a little bit of Polish cuisine or tradition.  One time we gave out Polish Liquor candy (very yummy) as a reward to people that found the pickle ornament in the tree.  One show we made some polish Kanapki, which was very delicious with Polish meats etc...  This year we decided to try Polish Hot Beer.  I decided to resurrect the idea after my dear Polish friend Marysia served it to us when once she entertained us for dinner.  

          We decided to first serve it this year while participating in a Holiday Fashion and product show at a local country club.  All Ladies mind you.. Not people you would expect to be beer drinkers.  I served them the (Grzaniec), which is the Polish word for Hot Beer, in little taster cups.  When the ladies asked what the wonderful drink was, they all were suprised that it was beer.  Many exclaimed they had no idea it was beer.  

         So I thought I would share this recipe with you, and also let you know, (for my local fans) where I will be serving it if you want to try it first.  

         We will be at a Holiday festival in Crooks South Dakota on the evening of Dec. 9th and all day and evening Dec. 10th.  The Mayor of Crooks is a friend, and spent time in Poland and Germany when in College, and so he started this Holiday festival. He contacted us and wanted us to help spread the Christmas Cheer by showing our Polish Ornaments and Christmas products, as they use the festival to help raise money for their fire department. I think folks will love "Grzaniec" there!


For those who want to make it, here is the recipe.  Pretty simple really

      1. Get a Polish Lager.  I can't always get it in Sioux Falls so I substitute with a Belgium Lager "Stella Artois".  Use (5)  11.2 0z bottles.

      2.  (2) TBS Honey

      3.  (1) Small cinnamon stick

      4. (3) whole cloves

      5. A pinch of ground nutmeg.

The easiest way is to slowly warm in a crockpot.  For shows I like to use low alcohol content beer so it is very mild.  Stella is 5% alcohol. 

 This recipe also works for Hot Wine!  

              Na Zdrowie!   (Good Health).    

                               With Love,


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