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Kasia (Epicurean)

Posted by Alluvio Collaborator on

                  It is time to announce the opening of my physical store in Sioux Falls S.D.  I call it Kasia Epicurean.  I have been asked why epicurean, and what does that mean?  Well an Epicurean in my sense is people that know and appreciate items of luxury, in the area of serveware, food and drink, what you wear, and how you wear it.   It is an appreciation of items of beauty produced to enhance your life experience.  So what exactly is beauty.  You have heard that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and indeed it may be so.  However, I define beauty as a reflection of the Divine.  Beauty is what we humans try to achieve through our efforts to capture a piece of what has been given us by God.  I have a deep appreciation for those artisans who create items of beauty, using talents given to them by God, to make a living for themselves and their families, and at the same time, allowing others to enjoy the fruits of their labor.  It is fitting to appreciate such things.

                     In my physical store, I will be showcasing hand made high end jewelry created by my hunsband's company F&H Private Jewelers.  He has trained his staff of talented artists over the last 37 years, and they create spectacular items for jewelery stores around the country that has won multiple awards.  So I said, "dear, why not create some work for my store too?"  So that is in the works.  I also will be collaborating with our good friends, Bechtold's Jewelers.  They plan to place their jewelry in my store, and also will carry some of my items in theirs in another part of town.  Their reputation for the highest quality and integrity is un-matched.  Which is why they've been continuously family owned since 1902.  Pretty impressive these days.  My Husband has done projects for them his whole career, and as a matter of fact, Thomas's father (the originator of F&H), came to Sioux Falls at the behest of Ignatioius (Bud) Bechtold.  


              I promise to continue with my web store, and continue the service you all have come to appreciate, I hope that you will wish me luck in my new endeavor also.  Who knows?  Perhaps we will be selling some of my hunsband's designs here too?  





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