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Kasia's Photo Story

Posted by Kasia Faini on

Greetings once again to all!

When we started on this little venture of ours, we laid out a pretty detailed plan. However business has it’s ways of interfering with the plans you think you have made. Delving into the world of Internet marketing is one of those things. It’s easy to be fooled when you go into that cesspool by those who with fancy words (hummingbird) and big talk, can steer you in a completely wrong direction and make you worse off than when you started.

Yep, that happened to me in a big way. However, I feel that I am finally in the right hands with the right people. (Yay) I only hope that it is not too late to stay afloat. The folks I am working with now feel for my situation and have gone overboard to help, because they say it is all too common. Some firms just don’t have the knowledge they think they do about e-commerce and end up doing a huge disservice to others.

Which brings me to my current topic.... product photography. I never in my life thought that I would become a professional grade product photographer! However it is true that necessity is the mother of invention. With my back against the wall and the need to do my own photos because I could not afford to hire someone, I delved in. First I borrowed an older Cannon Rebel from a friend. Which was very generous and kind of them and I am eternally grateful.

Then I started watching YouTube shows about how to build a photo booth and how to take the pictures. I also learned how to edit photos using my iPhoto on my computer. From there it was trial and error. I was able to improve the photos we had, and I was pretty proud of them at first, but later I wasn’t satisfied. However I was out of time. My dear friends who let me use their camera needed to have it back to travel to their second home in Panama for the winter. So I had to live with the pictures that I had at the time.

New life came recently, when our daughter obtained a brand new Cannon Rebel, and had no current use for it. I told her we would take good care of it! I would have purchased one, but thanks to our first e-commerce marketing firm that generated ZERO sales, we have been a bit strapped.

My Husband Thomas built me another larger photo booth ( 3’X 3’ ) made with PVC pipe. I covered it with cotton fabric to diffuse the light, and then eventually changed the back to see through satin, and Walla, I’m back in business like never before.

So now with 2 photo booths, one small and one large, I am able to take all the photos I need. I am slowly but surely replacing all my previous photos that I have done, and I hope you notice the new ones by their quality. I have been told by a professional photographer that my photos are now top of the line.

So... if this Import and web store business doesn’t make it after all, then I guess I can fall back on product photography on the side!!

Moving forward from here!


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