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Cooking with Polish Pottery? How dare we!

Posted by Kasia Faini on

Greetings to my Friends, Clients and Family (many of which are all three!

Time to talk about cooking...  Not just any cooking but “Ipolian” cooking.  I love to cook and create my treasured recipes that I grew up with in Poland.  My husband Thomas is of Italian descent and so has his share of family Italian recipes.  I help him with his and he thinks he is helping with mine. (I bet many ladies can relate ;-)  

Often we create in large batches and do some canning and freezing etc… I’ll use the example of Thomas’s homemade Ravioli recipe. His Great Grandma Maria DeSanto’s recipe. It takes 2 days to make, and along with creating the homemade sauce and meatballs you can add a third day.  However we typically can about 16 quarts of sauce and make a couple hundred Raviolis and Meatballs.

His recipe is sacred, and the way it is served must be done just so.  (Blah Blah). Well ladies I convinced him of another method that used his sauce, ravioli and some extra cheese into my Polish baking dish and Whalla!  Success.  I think he prefers my way over his. Win one for Poland!  

Instead of boiling or steaming the Raviolis we baked them in my Polish baking dish with his sauce layered on the bottom the a layer of Ravioli, with Mozzarella Cheese on top and then more sauce, and another layer of Ravioli, cheese and more sauce.  Almost like a Lasagna.  

Topped with some fresh Provolone and it was ready to serve and eat. (I’m hungry just describing it.)

Now that spring is looming near, we can start thinking about the Irish!  St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner. Have to think about some great Irish recipes. One recipe that I know will win is the some great Gifts by Kasia St. Patrick's Day Packages, so that everyone can celebrate in style!  Great green Bohemian Crystal, for the Irish.  How do you like that?

Do Widzenia!

Love, Kasia

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