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A Valentine's Tradition

Posted by Kasia Faini on

When I think of Valentine's Day, I think back to growing up in Poland, where it was not celebrated.  We have a day called “Women's Day” on March 8th.  You could look out the window and see men running on the street with flowers to give to their sweethearts, wives, and Mothers.

Not so different here, because I know my Husband will get something for Valentines for his Mom and our daughter as well.  

What’s exciting for those of us who live in the cold of South Dakota, is that Valentines also means that spring is not far away. You wouldn’t think so with the freezing temps and the little bursts of nuisance snow, but still it is a reminder that soon to come is warmer days and flowers.

We know that the Easter season is now upon us and that preparations for gathering together once more as family to celebrate will soon be here.  I have already started making the meal plans for that Easter Sunday, and am thinking about the dishware that I will serve on etc…

With family starting to scatter, and with kids getting married, we have to like many families find out who is going to be where so we can make our plans.

One tradition that we have always kept alive is the Polish tradition of setting one extra place setting. That place setting is an invite to whomever is alone and hungry to join us for our meal. The strange thing is that on most Holidays, it turns out that someone does come at the last minute, invited by someone in the family that is just that. Alone for the Holiday. When that place is filled it is our job to make the person feel as if we are their family as well.

I hope and pray that all my Gifts by Kasia Friends, find this Valentine’s Day and the coming Holidays spent with those whom they love, and filled with kind thoughts and pleasant memories.

Keep in touch, as I will be posting more about Easter and Wedding preparations to come!

Love, Kasia!


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