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Let's Blow This Glass

Posted by Kasia Faini on

Hello ornament fans!

I hope the New Year brings you many wonderful things and blessings!

I thought I would start out my mailings telling you a little about myself my company and why I import what I do.  

My home town is Łódz.  (Sounds like Wooj), and means boat.  It was formed by Polish, Jewish and German businessmen.  My beautiful city has adopted the traditions and flavor of all 3 of those cultures making it unique in Poland.  I moved to the U.S. Over 20 years ago, but all my family lives in Poland, and the area so I make frequent trips home.  While here I saw that there were many traditions and cultural products that I grew up with that were not here, but sought after here.  I guess when you grow up with certain things you do take them for granted.  

Take the ornaments for example.  It is an art that has long been done in our Polish/German culture, and was a natural experience for me.  When I grew up I didn't appreciate the artistry that was involved with it.  However I did bring them here, and folks that saw them exclaimed that they were works of handmade art.

People here were fascinated with the products that I brought back and used in my home here. Soon they began to ask me to shop for them when I was overseas.   

It just so happens that a man my aunt knew from my home city owned a studio where he and his staff of artisans created ornaments.  She introduced me to him and I asked if I could come to his studio to look through the ornaments and purchase some for my friends. I didn't realize that he was an internationally renowned ornament creator and designer.. Quite frankly he didn't act like it either.  He and his wife were just Marek and Anna, and they were kind humble and fun to be with.

Long story short, when I decided that I needed to become an importer, Marek had just ended his long term relationship with a prominent American ornament guy.  (Not naming names). So the timing was perfect to do business with him and announce him by name.  I'm pretty big on that.  I want to give credit where it is due.  Besides I consider him friend along with the others that I import from.  So in a way I'm introducing my friend Marek Morawski to you through his work.  I plan to have Marek design many exclusive designs that will only be available at Gifts by Kasia.  So I hope you will root for my little adventure, and support the art of handmade ornament creation!

Again Happy New Year!

P.S.  Remember that Ornaments hung at Christmas are given all year.  Keep your eye out for special promotions that will only be available to our little ornament club.



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