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Let's Blow This Glass - Edition 2

Posted by Kasia Faini on

I was recently asked, "why do these ornaments cost what they do?"   That is a great question! Many folks probably don't realize what goes into the ornaments that Marek Morawski creates. Once I am able to explain and demonstrate the process, folks tend to ask, "how can they make them so reasonably?"    

Marek and his team employ the same methods perfected over centuries in Poland of blowing and decorating Christmas ornaments. He uses the best glass and there are no mechanized machines that do the work.  All mouth blown.   Many of the designs actually begin in clay, to make the model.  So not only is it necessary to be proficient at blowing glass, but artistic experience in sculpting is needed.  Yep this is done by hand as well.  Marek is not creating cheap throw-away ornaments, he is an artist and they are creating collectable treasures that should be treated with care and handed down.  

More to come about the methods used to create these treasures.  Do you have ornaments that once belonged to your parents or grandparents?  If you do then don't be afraid to share with me the pictures and stories that goes with them.

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