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The Rocky Balboa of Dinnerware

Posted by Kasia Faini on

Yes, it's that tough!

This weekend found me and Thomas creating a special dinner for some special friends. It was
nice to have company to warm our spirits when it was well below zero outside.
Our Friends are from Poland as well and we share many of the same tastes from the
culture where we hailed from. Up for discussion was that Polish Pottery that I was serving on.

Our friends too use the Pottery from that famous Polish town of Bolesławiec. My friend and I
commented on how perfect the pottery looked after more than 15 years of use and had no
chips. I told her not only that, I have not broken a piece yet. It looks so nice that I could put it
back on the shelf and sell it as new!

Well, my dear friend topped me when she confided that her young daughters once had an
argument and a Polish Pottery mug took flight. The mug hit the stainless steel fridge and hit the
floor un-damaged. The deep dent left in the fridge however was a different story... Yes it's that

I promise you that if you collect and use Polish Pottery you will never look back. Easy to
use, clean, cook in, wash up and now I know it makes a decent projectile.



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