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Posted by Kasia Faini on

Having moved to the United States during turbulent times in Poland, she left her family and her heart. Now, as Eastern Europe heals from its' past wounds, Kasia has vowed to help introduce these companies that have survived the centuries and make them available to you! She brings the hidden treasures that Europe has to offer to you. She visits the studios and works directly with the artisans to have designs created that are simply spectacular.

Along with her husband, Thomas, who is a master jeweler and an award winning artist, Kasia is proud to present these products from European artisans for those who appreciate hand-made old world art, that is both high quality and authentic, so that you may celebrate good times and great life with family and friends, and help you create
moments that you will treasure for a lifetime.

From Poland, with love by Kasia.

See all of our beautiful, handmade inventory at!

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