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A Wedding in our Midst!

Posted by Kasia Faini on

Our Son is getting Married!

One of the most joyful times in life is to see your children fall in Love and choose to get married and look to starting a family of their own. It’s funny how some of the most joyful times can also bring stress into the mix. With a son it is easier than if you have a daughter, because the family of the daughter is much more involved in the planning of a wedding. We get off a little easier with regards to that part. (Until our daughter gets married some day).

However we also tend to create our own stress. For example, what to give as a gift to the new couple starting out in life. The simple answer would be to provide a little cash if available to give them a boost. Cash can be a good gift, but can also run like sand through the hands and be forgotten. Money can be made and money can be lost, spent, put to good use or squandered. We struggled with this for a while. With numerous discussions, wanting to do the right thing.

Add on top of that, my mother-in-law calls and asks us what she should get. She is 93 years old and can no longer go shopping on her own. She does however want to get a gift that will be meaningful and that she will be remembered for as well. From the wisdom of age comes the answer. She says, we must find a gift that they will use through their life, that they can appreciate and always know that it came from you. She said her mother got her started with a China set, that she still uses to this day.

That was brilliant! It was right in front of us all along. More in front of us than others, because we import and sell it. So it was decided that we would go in with my mother-in-law and purchase a Polish handmade China set.

However, this is a very personal gift. What if they don’t like it?

Again the wisdom. Let them choose the set that appeals to their sense of taste. Since we have quite a variety, (many of which we have not yet even put on our web site) we decided to let them know what our gift would be and let them pick what they would like. They may even pick it at a later date when they have chosen some decor of their home they will make together.

We have turned a stressful decision back to one of joy!

Now we have to plan the Rehearsal Dinner. Joy done, back to stress!



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