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OH Striker is a Funny Dog,Oh Striker is a Funny Dog! Oh Striker is a Happy Dog, Oh Striker is a Happy Dog! He likes to run and jump and play! He likes to do that every day! Oh Striker is a Funny Dog, and that’s because he's not a Frog!

Greetings Friends, Clients and Family, those are the words to the song my little Granddaughter sings when she comes over.

Striker was my husband’s answer to empty nest syndrome. He found him on line from a breeder in Colorado Springs. Striker is a Blue Tuxedo Toy Rat Terrier. He has a lot of Italian Greyhound in him and it shows. He also has the nicest disposition of any dog I have had. It truly was a great empty nest syndrome birthday gift for me!

Striker accompanies us on our trips to Poland to visit family and the artists that create our Gifts by Kasia products. It doesn’t cost much to bring him, and he fits into a wheeled little tote that we place under our seat in the plane. We like to fly out of Chicago using LOT Polish airlines. It is a short direct flight of about 9 hours, and Striker handles it easily. He always behaves and most people don’t even know he is with us. That’s part of that great disposition I was talking about.

I think my parents are more excited to see Striker than us! They take care of him while we travel around Poland, and they have a large fenced yard and garden for Striker to have adventures.

I bring up Striker because I am going to try to take some product photos with Striker posed with them. I think they will be cute and I know that people love cute dogs, and beautiful handmade works of art. So why not combine them?

Well it’s worth a try. When you see them around, (if I am successful), let me know what you think!



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